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E-Learning Services :

Our e-learning expertise backed by cutting-edge technology helps us deliver reliable training solutions. We understand the core value of e-learning and assist you to leverage the best of e-learning ideas. We have been associated with many global e-learning companies having created excellent course material for them. Our team of subject matter experts, instructional designer, visualizer, graphic designer, illustrator, animator, integrators, programmer, tester & QA/QC has enabled us to deliver diverse educational and corporate training courses for kids to corporates.

In general E-learning course is likely to fall into one of the following three categories:

Text driven

Present the learning


Present the learning & test on user action

Present the learning
& test on user action


Test & actions base learning based on user response

Test & actions base learning
based on user response

Our e-learning experience spans across various industries and platforms enables us to deliver excellence and thereby ensure total satisfaction for our clientele.


Qurious expertise in E-Learning development, the use of technology to deliver training anytime, anyplace. We understand E-learning’s value and help you make the best decisions about when and why to use it.

Outsourcing Development
Outsourcing Development

We have fulfilled learning requirements of various MNCs. Prompt and economical, our solutions are technically superior with equally good quality. We possess professional skillsets and experience in Learning and Development (L&D), Instructional Design and other aspects to create an effective online learning.

Offline & Digital Publication
Offline & Digital Publication

Today the world is embedded in the hand-held devices, smartphones. Information is available at the mere tap of a finger to an individual. Our team is adept at developing digital content such as e-books, digital magazines and even the development of digital libraries and catalogues.

Corporate Induction
Corporate Induction

The better the induction program, the better the chance of employee retention. It also reduces the time considerably for a new employed to gel with their new work environment. Our team has been successfully devising corporate induction courses for a number of companies.

Corporate Value
Corporate Value Courses

Leadership imbibed with values play an important role in the success of an organization. Over the years, our team has understood the gist of creating courses for corporate values based on insights from the respective companies. We have accomplished a significant amount of work in this domain with success.

Training Modules

Probably the best way to teach the people is a training module. It acts as an instructional guide which imparts knowledge in a systematic manner. Our core expertise in this arena has helped our clients devise effective training module. The processes, concepts have been created in the most engaging manner.

Rapid Learning
Rapid Learning Courses

It takes more than mere skill to create a viable interface of engaging content and diverse technologies. Rapid Learning is one of the most interesting features for learning. Our expertise has been instrumental in creating the right mix of content and technics that serve the purpose effectively.

Skill Learning
Skill Learning Courses

Competency or skill-based learning is useful for an individual to learn concrete skills. For a substantial period, we have been devising skill-based learning content as per the company requirement. We are competent with the nuances of creating the same that enhances the employee competencies

Product Training
Guide Courses
Product Training/Guide Courses

A thorough knowledge of every aspect of product or services is important. It creates confidence and mutual trust between the customer service representative and the customer. To achieve this, an interesting training program with absorbing content in simplified manner is required. This is where our expertise comes handy.

K-12 Courses
K-12 Courses

Most of the Asian and European countries have adopted the education pattern for kindergarten to 12th grade. One of the most challenging aspects of creating content for the same is to understand diverse children’s psychology. Our competent team is well-versed with the subject dynamics to create a viable product.

2D & 3D
2D & 3D Animation

Animation be it 2D or 3D is helpful in diverse business aspects. It creates an engaging, interesting and complete visual advantage for products, services or anything that needs to be explained or depicted. Our team proficient in animation helps you create visual and graphics in motion.

Audio Visual (AV)
Audio Visual (AV)

A vibrant combination of audio and visual impacts the senses positively. Be it diversified audio-visual solutions for e-learning, induction program, corporate training/presentations or even products, we are well-quipped to provide them all. Many of our clients vouch for our technical skills and insightful AV solutions.

LMS Design & Development
LMS Design & Development

We have one of the most competent teams for the design and development of LMS application. The application facilitates documentation, monitoring and reporting of courses, training modules or learning and development programs. It bridges the gap between training and learning through data analytics.

LMS Content
LMS Content Creation

To create an effectively interactive content for LMS is pure science. The core purpose of training and learning, to learning strategies etc. must be analyzed scientifically. Our creative team and instructional designers design compile an ideal and engaging content that fulfills the learner requirements.

Thoughtful, Logical, Creative & Tech Solutions:

  • Content Development
  • Creative Graphic Design
  • UI/ UX Design
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • HTML5
  • Mobile Learning
  • Application
  • Game